We’re renovating! Well, several of our clients seem to be. One day this week we met up with one of them at the local Benjamin Moore outpost on Coral Way. I’ve taken up the role of designer, helping guide a Coral Gables client in selecting a fresh new paint color for their home’s exterior. The reason I selected this store was that they have isolated out the Coral Gables city hall approved colors for us to peruse and purchase samples of.
As a Coral Gables resident myself, I am very well versed in the permit process for simple paint jobs and wanted to help my client select a color that would POP thus adding to buyer buzz when the time comes to sell in the next few years. At my Benjamin Moore appointment I was reminded that the Coral Gables pallet is actually very inclusive, reflective of the town itself.

My time is stretched very thin lately but I always have time for my longtime clients who need my help as they strategize long term real estate goals and all the steps along the way that might get them there. And my expertise extends far beyond the borders of Coral Gables. Color selections through Pinecrest and Coconut Grove seem to follow suit with many of the trends visible in the Gables. Pinecrest officials are becoming as strict as the Gables about permitting! I’ve noticed an oversupply of stark white homes on the market right now. In my opinion, this identifies a clear way to stand out! Residents in Key Biscayne seem to have gotten this memo – with many homeowners being a bit more gutsy on color choices. You do see more grays and wedgewood colors.

I’m not advocating for eye catching color combos that defy logic but rather colors that pop for the right reasons. Colors with some character that aren’t TOO loud. When making your selections remember to stay in the neutral zone, everything gets darker when applied to an entire house! A good color can really define a home and give it an identifiable style.

If you’re starting your own paint journey I recommend doing your homework! Drive by actual houses and scope out colors that resonate for you. If you spot a house in the Gables, get the address and I can find the permit and get the sample (note – if paint is old it might not be avail or may have faded, the permit will tell us when it was painted). Other tips as a Real Estate Agent and a homeowner who has undergone several full renovations myself — beware of going too gray and always lean towards Benjamin Moore (this isn’t sponsored!).
Go bold with your door! Make sure to apply your samples to a sunny side and a shady side of your home to see the colors in all lights. And lastly, there’s been a shortage of paint! So make sure your hue is available before falling in love. And most importantly – reach out to benefit from my seasoned guidance in your home renovations. You will never regret adding value! More to home in his home renovation series as a home improvement wave sweeps our area.

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