Covid has uprooted so many long established cultural constructs. Businesses are permitting work from home scenarios for employees who are now freed up to explore other parts of the country. Friendly tax structures in Miami and the endless summer lifestyle have pointed many towards Miami. If you’re on of the flock migrating our way, here are a few things to remember.

First, find an excellent realtor! And we hope it’s our team. We are lifelong Miami-Dade residents who understand the area inside and out. We are a team who represent both buyers & sellers and we have an almost 3 decade long track record of success in keeping our clients’ best interest top of mind. Our extensive network of industry professionals will keep your transaction on track even in a highly competitive market.

Second, find the perfect property. Choose a property with longterm value, this might mean navigating away from that classic beachfront property due to environmental reasons. Let us help you with a longterm plan based on local factors as well as budget and location.

Next, start the buying process. Find a place you’re willing to invest in and secure that property! We are coming up against multiple offer situations regularly and we can help you cut the line. Once we’re in, my team can shepherd you through the downpayment and loan exploration seamlessly.

Finally, be prepared for closing. We’ve made it to the final step! Together, we will strategize how much to set aside for closing costs, attorneys fees and inspections. And get your pen ready – there will be a lot of paperwork to sign! But have no fear, my firm is on the cutting edge of technology, pushing the industry “paperless” as much as possible. As your trustworthy real estate agent, we will facilitate the easiest possible property purchase experience. The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work and live, and there has never been a better time to consider Miami for your next move. Reach out to benefit from my expertise.

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