How Does the Appraisal Affect the Home Loan?

How Does the Appraisal Affect the Home Loan?  For those new to the real estate market, an appraisal is a professional unbiased opinion of a home’s value. An appraiser’s report is based on several factors, including an in-person evaluation, the current market conditions, and certain aspects of the home like amenities and square footage.  A home’s appraisal comes into play whenever a mortgage is involved in the purchasing, refinancing, or selling of a property. Collateral for the loan is the home itself, which is why an appraisal is meant to…


Luxury Home Design Trends For 2022

This year, the real estate industry is seeing luxury home trends like never before. Warm colors are still in, but almost every other trend is brand new. Let’s take a look at what home buyers are vying for in 2022.  Zen Retreats Arguably, the last few years have been the most stressful in recent memory. It’s no wonder home buyers are looking for homes that are also their sanctuaries. Warm neutral colors invoke a sense of peaceful minimalism when paired with the color of the year – sage. Textures also…


Miami’s Current Real Estate Market: Will higher interest rates affect sales?

Interest rates have increased nationwide on various forms of consumer borrowing and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages were at 5% on April 5th, up from 3%. Interest rates in Florida are currently at 5.12% for a 30-year fixed and 4.30% for a 15-year fixed mortgage according to Although real estate experts were speculating that interest rates would affect sales in Miami, there’s no evidence to suggest that they have affected the real estate market as of yet.  “I am not seeing a slow-down as of yet” said luxury real estate advisor…


Miami Housing Market: Insights & Projections

The real estate market is constantly changing. At any given time, buyers and sellers may have more questions than answers. In the spring of 2022, many Miami residents are wondering when the housing market will balance out. What is a balanced market? First, it’s important to understand what a balanced housing market looks like. Whether it’s a buyer’s market, a seller’s market or a balanced market has everything to do with the “months supply of inventory” or MSI. To determine the MSI, an individual must estimate how long a home…


Miami Real Estate Heads into 2022 Amidst a New Cloud of Doubt

It seems there is no way to keep up with the news anymore. Weeks ago there was an article in the WSJ about the return of foreign buyers to the Miami Condo market. The article was touting new data showing that Miami-Dade County home sales reached 9.962 in the 3rd quarter, the second highest total on record. A few days later, the outlet was dominated by articles about a new variant which can or may not pose a new round of threats to our way of life. Their headlines lamenting…

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